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Things to Do in Panama City Panama

Located in the heart of Panama City, Panama, The Executive Hotel is the perfect destination for exploring the many sights and attractions of this vibrant city. With a 45-year tradition of warm hospitality, our staff can show you the city like few hotels can.

Below, you will find our guide to the top ten attractions in Panama City.

Miraflores Visitor Center & Panama Canal Locks

Canalside Panama City
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See one of the world’s most famous canals, transporting ships from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Under construction from 1904-1914, the Panama Canal is comprised of six locks that fill and empty with water to guide ships across.

Casco Viejo

Located in the suburbs of the modern Panama City, Casco Viejo is the remaining part of old Panama City. Founded in 1519, the city was attacked several times by pirates and ravaged by fires and earthquakes, all of which led to the geographical shift in Panama City.

Monkey Island

Located in Gatun Lake, Monkey Island is famed for its primate inhabitants. Lucky visitors can also spot three-toed sloths, Toucans, and more. Take a guided tour of Gatun Lake and cruise past Monkey Island – if you bring some food you are sure to make fast friends!

Amador Causeway

Near the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal visitors will find the Amador Causeway. Perfect for biking, running, rollerblading, surfing and more, the causeway is a place of recreation. The Smithsonian also operates a small museum there, soon to be joined by a new museum named The Bridge of Life.

Metropolitan Park

Avenue Juan Pablo Il Final
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Just ten minutes from the center of Panama City, the Metropolitan National Park encompasses 265 hectares and is home to a variety of birds, butterflies and small mammals. The park is crossed by a number of trails ideal for walking, hiking, and bird watching.

Galeria de Arte Indegena

Located in Casco Viejo, this Galeria is one of the most popular things to do in Panama City Panama. Take a stroll to absorb the native culture, watch the ships in the Bay of Panama, and buy souvenirs from the indigenous people who sell their wares at the Galeria de Arte.

Balboa Artisans Market

Lodged in a historical building in the former American Canal Zone, the Balboa Artisans Market is a venue for local artisans to sell their wares. Keep a special eye out for “molas,” the country’s most famous handicraft. Be prepared to bargain for a good deal here!

Embera Indian Village

Venture into the jungle of Chagres to discover the village of the Embera Indians. They live much as they did in the 16th century, preserving an ancient way of life and surrounded by beautiful indigenous animals. Paint your body with traditional fruit dye called Jagua, and browse the famed Embera handicrafts.

Trans-Isthmus Train Ride

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Take a train ride along the side of the Panama Canal. Enjoy the exotic flora and fauna of the lush rainforest as you ride along in the world’s first intercontinental train ride. This fun and unique experience is fun for tourists of all ages.

Gatun Lake

Created in 1913 by the Gatun Dam across the Chagres River, the Gatun Lake is a major component of the Panama Canal. Visitors can enjoy boating or fishing on the lake for a one-of-a-kind Panama City experience.

Deep Sea Fishing

Search for the one that got away on one of many deep sea fishing tours into the Gulf of Panama. From marlin to tuna to sailfish, these waters are full of big trophy fish that will give you stories for years to come.

Whale Watching Tours

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience by booking a whale watching tour that takes you throughout the Gulf of Panama, around the Las Perlas archipelago, to watch for humpback whales. This section of the gulf has been made a Marine Corridor, preserving marine life for all to observe and enjoy.

San Blas Islands

Located east of the Panama Canal, the San Blas Islands are an archipelago of 378 islands, out of which only 49 are inhabited. The indigenous Kuna Yala tribe still lives on the islands, but members can also be found selling their wares in Panama City. The islands are ideal for snorkeling, boating, native-inspired dining, and shopping for island souvenirs.