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Things to do in Panama City

Located in the heart of Panama City, the Executive Hotel is the perfect destination to explore the many tourist attractions of this vibrant city. With a tradition of 45 years of warm hospitality, our staff can show you the city as few hotels can. 

Below, you will find our guide to the top things to do in Panama City.

church of carmen

Church of Carmen

Considered one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in Panama, the Iglesia del Carmen is a Gothic icon that is well worth visiting. You will find this impressive church in the center of Panama City.

people walking or jogging on walkway

Coastal Belt

Enjoy the green and natural areas of Panama City without having to travel far. Cinta Costera is built in the city itself, so you can walk on scenic roads while you see beautiful skyscrapers in the background. You can even use the exercise equipment installed in a special area of this beloved destination. It's another way to stay in shape while experiencing this charming portion of Panama City.

entrance to albrook mall

Albrook Mall

If you're in the mood to go shopping, Albrook Mall is bound to have something that suits your tastes. Considered one of the largest shopping centers in the world, it contains hundreds of stores, dozens of restaurants and many other popular attractions.

exterior of multicenter with hard rock logo


Located in the heart of Panama City, Multicentro offers more than 100 stores, restaurants and newsstands. This modern shopping destination also has a casino, several restaurants and a special children's play area.

exterior of shopping plaza

Multiplaza Pacific

In the center of the city of Panama, you will find this modern shopping center. It has more than 200 stores to choose from during your visit. In addition, you can enjoy generous discounts and offers when you stop in the shopping center reception area to obtain a special shopping card in Panama.

people looking over panama canal

Visitors center Miraflores & exclusas del Canal de Panamá

light colored buildings near water

Old Town

Located on the outskirts of the modern city of Panama, Casco Viejo is the old part of Panama City. Founded in 1519, the city was attacked several times by pirates and devastated by fires and earthquakes, all of which resulted in the geographical displacement of Panama City.

aerial view of amador causeway

Amador Causeway

Visitors will find the Amador Causeway near the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. Perfect for cycling, running, skating, sailing and more, the causeway is a place of recreation. The Smithsonian also has a small museum there, to later join by a new museum called The Bridge of Life.

sign for national park and visiting center

Metropolitan Park

Just ten minutes from downtown Panama City, the Metropolitan National Park covers 265 hectares and is home to a wide variety of birds, butterflies and small mammals. The park is crossed by a series of trails ideal for walking, hiking and bird watching.

Balboa's Artisan Market

Housed in a historic building in the former Canal Zone, the Handicraft Market of Balboa, is a place for local artisans to sell their wares. Take a look in particular at the "molas", the most famous crafts of the country. Be prepared to receive a good deal!

embera indians standing near water/platform

Region of the Indians Embera

Explore in the jungle of the Chagres River and discover the village of the Emberá Indians. They live as their ancestors did in the 16th century, preserving this ancient indigenous way of life and surrounded by beautiful animals. Paint your body with traditional dye of the fruit called Jagua, and you will know about the famous Emberá crafts


Trans-Isthmian Train

Take a train trip along the Panama Canal. Enjoy the exotic flora and fauna of the exuberant rainforest through the intercontinental train of the world. It is a unique and fun experience for tourists of all ages.

aerial view of lake

Gatun Lake

Created in 1913 by the Gatun Dam across the Chagres River, Gatun Lake is an important component of the Panama Canal. Visitors can enjoy boating or fishing on the lake for a one-of-a-kind experience in Panama City.

man pulling in large fish on boat

Fishing In Deep Waters

Finding the one that escaped is one of the many deep-sea fishing tours in the Gulf of Panama. From marlin, tuna, sailfish, these waters are full of great trophy fish that will give you history in the coming years.

whale jumping out of water

Whale Watching

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience by booking a whale-watching tour that takes you along the Gulf of Panama, through the Las Perlas archipelago, to watch the humpback whales. This section of the gulf has become a marine corridor for the conservation of marine life that everyone can observe and enjoy.

starfish in ocean

Island of San Blas

Located to the east of the Panama Canal, San Blas is an archipelago of 378 islands, of which only 49 are inhabited. The indigenous Guna Yala tribe still lives on the islands, but you can also find product sales in Panama City. The islands are ideal for diving, boating, native foods, and buying souvenirs on the island.